Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

QYM’s environmental, occupational health and safety management policies reduce environmental pollution, continuously improve environmental performance, and achieve occupational health and producing safety.

Obey laws, regulations and standards of environmental and occupational health safety;


Develop, insist and continuously improve environmental system and occupational health and safety management system;

Provide material and technical support, in order to control environmental pollution, reduce operational risk, develop safe healthy and convenient working environment;

Be responsible to staffs, enterprise and society, thereby implementing coexistence of environment and health safety, benefits and reputation, hopes and development;

Make sure staffs and public who work for or represent the enterprise can obtain the policies.

Occupational Health


QYM manages HSE in accordance with the procedures and documents of ISO14001 and ISO18001 as well as the "Safety Standardization Management System". The management of the company mainly consists of six aspects:

Safety Management

Continuously improving HSE management system;


Correct HSE concept and culture;

Planned HSE training;

Effective safety, fire and environmental protection equipment, and facilities;

Allocation personal protective equipment in place and wear as required;

Effective safety inspection, hidden dangers, risk investigation, timely prevention and rectification        

Occupational Safety