Structural Engineer


1. Responsible for the mechanical structure design of construction machinery products;
2. Able to plan the overall plan of new products, responsible for the design and development of new product system structureof products;

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1. Daily accounting processing;
2, cost accounting work;

(I) Is responsible for the company's cost accounting;

(II) Is responsible for the transaction accounting of the transaction unit;

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Graphic Design



1. Be responsible for the design of the company's product publicity and the design of the company's external publicity activities;
2. Cooperate with and assist domestic and foreign trade salesmen to complete

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As an employee at Yinglong you can expect to be working on quality projects and gaining valuable experience.

Whether you are based in our corporate offices, our fabrication workshops or on-site on large scale projects you will be supported to develop your career with us.
Our workforce represents a wide range of skills and qualifications. We employ people with recognised technical and trade certificates, engineering degrees, business and professional qualifications.

We have a keen focus on attracting and developing professionals in the following fields:

* engineering

* project management

* fabrication quality control

* and fabrication supervision.

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