Long material strong

According to Xinhua News Agency


“The plate has been bitter for many years, and this year's plate market may be better than the long product." At the “2012 Shanghai Building Materials Seminar”, an industry insider made the above prediction.


The biggest reason for the industry's lack of optimism about this year's long product market is that it is worried that the long-term “long material and weak sheet” pattern has stimulated the release of domestic long product capacity and output, while the current real estate, railway construction and other long products are downstream. The demand for steel used has dropped significantly with the slowdown in economic growth. It is understood that the performance of the long product market after the Spring Festival is not satisfactory, the domestic steel market social inventory increased significantly, and in the inventory increase, long products accounted for more than half.


It is undeniable that the contradiction between supply and demand in the long products market is intensifying, but it must be "this year's plate market is better than long products", but it has not been unanimously recognized by the industry.


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