As a leading global aluminium equipment suppliers, Yinglong presents expanded solutions in complete custom fabrication, we provide the world's largest aluminum company from pot shell, superstructure, pot cover, anode busbar, anode stem and yoke, anode clamp, anode pallet, cathode collector bar, Crucible, etc. main production equipment to the gutter cover, operation platform, scraping slag spade, scoop, sampling, and other auxiliary instruments in dregs, we provide customers with a full range of services from production process and product design, equipment production, transportation, installation and so on. 

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Metal Smelting 



Metal Smelting Equipment


Quality System

We passed the ISO9001 system certification in 2010 and have been operating according to the requirements for many years. At the same time, we have EN1090-2EXC4, ISO3834-2, CSA W47.1II, AS1554.1, AWSD1.1 welding system certification. We have mature management system and experienced welding engineers.  Ensure good welding quality of all products to improve product life cycle and customer satisfaction. 


Processing Equipment

We have a variety of laser, plasma, flame and other automatic cutting equipment, complete SAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SW and other automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment, drilling, bending, stamping, planar machining and other automatic processing equipment, fully meet the accuracy requirements of various projects.

Technical Team

We have experienced technical team, can skillfully use AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, TEKLA, and other 2D\3D software, to meet different needs including design, second detail etc.


Welder Team


We have a core and stable technician team, there are more than 100 welders with American standard, European standard, Canadian standard and Australian standard, from 1G to 6GR welders are fully equipped, regular training and examination make the skills continue to improve, to ensure that the welding quality of products will always be good.

Metal Smelting Equipment


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Metal Smelting 



In the field of alumina equipment supply, we has rich experience in the manufacturing and installation of process equipment such as crude liquid refining, seed decomposition, aluminum hydroxide washing and filtering, roasting, mother liquid evaporation, etc. We plays an important role in the upgrading process of the core equipment roaster in alumina production. We have successful project experience in various models such as 800T/D, 1350T/D, 1500T/D, 1850T/D, 2100T/D, 2500T/D and 3500T/D.


Metal Smelting 



Yinglong has provided many domestic and foreign steel mills with air-cooled conveying equipment, steel slag treatment system and transportation equipment and supporting facilities, with rich experience in production and installation.