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Last year, 196 new projects were started by central enterprises in Xinjiang.


According to Xinhua News Agency

Nur Bakri, Chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, introduced the "Report on the Results of the Implementation of the Industrial Aid Projects by the Central Enterprises", which was held recently. Last year, 196 new projects were started by the central enterprises in Xinjiang.

Nur Bakli said that the planned investment of these projects is 458.1 billion yuan, and 70.1 billion yuan has been completed. The newly started projects mainly involve electric power, coal chemical, coal, mineral development and manufacturing industries. Central enterprises have become the backbone of industry aid and The main force. In addition to upgrading the level of industrial clusters in Xinjiang, central enterprises have also actively fulfilled their social responsibilities and built a number of projects to benefit the people. Relevant persons from PetroChina said that the natural gas project in the southern Xinjiang built on the edge of the Tarim Basin is progressing smoothly. The pipeline welding in the Kashi-Zepu section has been basically completed, and the other three main pipelines are also intensifying construction, and strive to put into operation at the end of the year.

It is reported that the central government plans to start 178 new projects in Xinjiang this year, with an estimated investment of 724.3 billion yuan.