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Warm Congratulations to Yinglong for Obtaining the Certificate of National Level of High-tech enterprise


Qingdao Yinglong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) was recognized as a national-level of high-tech enterprise in accordance with the relevant regulations of the «Administrative measures for the recognition of high-tech enterprises» and the «Guidelines for the recognition of high-tech enterprises».

Recently, the company has also received the certificate of "Certificate of National High-tech Enterprise" jointly issued by Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau, Qingdao Finance Bureau and Qingdao Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of taxation. Since then, the company has officially entered the rank of national high-tech enterprises.

The company's successful identification of high-tech enterprises shows that the company has reached the industry leading level in terms of independent intellectual property rights, organizational management level of research and development, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, growth indicators, etc., this is also the industry and society's full affirmation of the company's technology, management, service level and innovation ability, it is the hard work and technical achievements of all employees of the company, this will further promote the process of independent innovation, independent research and development of the company, and is another important milestone in the company's development history.

The company will continue to adhere to the concept of "constant improvement and ingenuity", continue to increase the technical input, cultivate scientific and technological talents, enhance the core competitiveness, to provide continuous talent support and technical support for the company's subsequent development!