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Alcan Engineering Products (China) Representatives inspect Qingdao Yinglong


On September 22, 2011, the senior purchasing representative of Alcan Engineering Products (China) visited Qingdao Yinglong to conduct an inspection and negotiation on the steel structure material box project that was originally intended to be purchased from Qingdao Yinglong.

The project requires tight time and extremely high welding requirements. After learning that Qingdao Yinglong not only has excellent welding equipment, but also has nearly 100 high-quality national standard welders and dozens of AWS welders, Alcan Engineering Products (China) has affirmed the production and technical capabilities of the company. Reassuring that Ying Long came to implement this project, and said that it will strengthen cooperation with Ying Ying and hand over more projects to Qingdao Yinglong.