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Middle East Regional Market Agent visited Yinglong Qingdao Processing Factory


On July 15, 2011, Qingdao Yinglong Machinery Co., Ltd. Middle East regional sales agency delegation visited Qingdao processing factory for the first time. Although it was the first time to visit, the relationship between the two parties has been two years. The visit is mainly aimed at cooperation. The project will do more in-depth technical communication and discussion. At the communication meeting, the technical staff of the two sides conducted effective communication on the current cooperation projects, solved the existing technical problems, and finally determined the production and processing plan. After the meeting, the customer delegation, accompanied by the workshop leader and the project leader, learned about the production situation of No. 1 workshop and visited the newly built No. 2 workshop and warehouse. The delegation stated that Qingdao Yinglong has developed rapidly in the past two years and is more confident in future cooperation.

     As the company implemented a plan to strengthen the greening of the plant at the beginning of the year, Ying Long in July was full of greenery and flowers, and the fruit trees on both sides of the road were already full. Customers lamented that they rarely saw such eco-park-like factory parks, and they stopped to take pictures.

     Finally, the two sides made a more in-depth discussion on the development of the market. The two sides indicated that they will work together to open up the market in the Middle East and achieve mutual benefits.

     The meeting ended successfully at 5 pm on the same day.