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Qingdao Yinglong successfully obtain CWB certification


On August 11, 2020, Qingdao Yinglong received the CWB certification certificate from the Canadian welding Bureau, and the company successfully passed the CWB certification.


The CWB certification is a mandatory requirement for welding manufacturing enterprises producing steel structures used in Canada, which is widely recognized in North America and other regions. In July, after the company successfully completed the training and examination of welding administrators and welders, Canadian welding Bureau appointed engineers to Yinglong for a two-day certification audit. The audit experts strictly followed the Canadian welding standards to audit the company's welding management system and welding process site, and the company's welding quality management and process control were recognized by the experts.


The obtaining of CWB certification has won the entrance ticket for Yinglong to enter Canadian steel structure market. This is another major achievement after the company passed the European standard certification in 2019, marks a further step forward in the internationalization process of the company.