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Representative of Rio Tinto Purchasing Office visited Qingdao Yinglong


On August 30, 2011, representatives of the Rio Tinto Emerging Markets Purchasing Office came to Qingdao Yinglong for an inspection.

Rio Tinto Mining Group is not only one of the world's largest suppliers of resource extraction and mineral products, but also one of the world's three largest iron ore suppliers with operations all over the world. China is the fourth largest market after North America, Europe and Japan.

During the one-and-a-half-day inspection, Rio Tinto representatives gave a comprehensive understanding of Qingdao Yinglong's product research and development capabilities, quality assurance system, safety management system, mechanical equipment strength, human resources protection, etc., and gave the company's production technology and management capabilities. Fully affirmed and expressed the good wishes of both sides to strengthen cooperation. The two sides also held preliminary negotiations on specific projects such as electrolytic aluminum sealing hoods.