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14 2012-02

The trend of steel prices depends on the macro policy "face"
According to Xinhua News Agency On the 9th of this mont…...

10 2012-02

"Long material strong sheet weak" situation is broken
According to Xinhua News Agency “The plate has been bitt…...

07 2012-02

Last year, 196 new projects were started by central enterprises in Xinjiang.
According to Xinhua News Agency Nur Bakri, Chairman of …...

03 2012-02

Shandong financial institutions boost the structural adjustment of steel enterprises
According to Xinhua News Agency Shandong Province recen…...

17 2011-12

Re-cooperation with Rio Tinto----vacuum aluminum water bag
On December 15th, 2011, the technical representative …...

17 2011-09

Yinglong Machinery official website 2.0 officially released
Under the guidance of the company's leaders, after more…...